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The LYMA Laser PRO is an advanced in-clinic laser therapy system renowned for its transformative power for both face and body. It boasts unrivaled biological penetration, reaching up to 10cm deep, and is the most potent near-infrared Low Level Laser Technology available.

Key Features:

Treats skin, fat, muscle, and bone simultaneously with zero pain, zero damage, and zero downtime.

Offers 12x more biological penetration than in-clinic LED and 4x more near-infrared healing power than leading Low Level Laser Technology.

Utilizes patented retina-protected laser technology, ensuring safety without the need for goggles.

Recognized for its cosmetic surgery-like results and awarded TIME Magazine’s Invention of 2023 and the King’s Award.


Why Choose LYMA:

Cutting-edge technology ensures optimal results with no damage to cells.

Transforms various conditions including wrinkles, skin tightening, cellulite, pigmentation, muscular discomfort, redness, sports recovery, scars, and post-surgical healing.

Incorporates easily into existing clinic treatments like micro needling, radiofrequency, lymphatic massage, chemical peels, injectables, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), post-surgical healing, and Fraxel lasers.

The LYMA Laser PRO represents the future of laser technology, providing unparalleled results and transforming the way clinics approach skincare and body treatments.

Order yours now and receive it in 6 weeks.

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