Oxygen treatment

Without oxygen there is no process possible in our bodies. Oxygen is becoming increasingly important for our skin, especially in a world where our oxygen content is getting worse. Just think about the exhaust fumes in the city.

The treatment

Oxygen treatment at BLOY Institute

More and more attention is paid to oxygen, because we are increasingly finding out how important oxygen is to us. Especially for our skin, the administration of pure oxygen with active ingredients immediately yields a huge amount of results. Ingredients are much better absorbed.

What does oxygen do on the skin?
During an oxygen treatment the QMS products with 98% pure oxygen are brought into the skin under high pressure. ! QMS Collagen and! QMS Hyaluronic Acid are added to the skin in combination with this medical oxygen device.

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Thanks to the pure oxygen, all skin functions are optimized and the blood circulation in the skin improves. The skin is more radiant and looks instantly fuller.

  • Optimizes cell functions
  • Improves blood flow
  • Gives a radiant skin image
  • Promotes microcirculation
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Improves skin moisture
  • The skin immediately looks fulle
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Under the leadership of skin specialist Lindsay van der Looij, the highly trained skin experts from BLOY Institute carry out specialist, result-oriented treatments. Our skin specialists have a lot of knowledge regarding the skin and manage many specializations.

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A wide range of body-enhancing treatments are performed at BLOY Institute. The treatments have become popular in a short time, you can rest assured that all treatments are performed at the highest level.

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You can go to BLOY Institute for injectable treatments. BLOY Institute has entered into a partnership with the very prominent Clinic 28 under the direction of one of the most renowned cosmetic doctors in the Netherlands

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