QMS Anti-Aging Treatment at BLOY Institute

!QMS MEDICOSMETICS is a revolutionary treatment method that makes it possible to replenish our skin with collagen. “This gives the skin its youthfulness again without using injection techniques. Unlike other brands that work on “stimulating the production of collagen”, QMS supplements the collagen in our skin. This high-dose collagen product contains 82% active ingredients.

The treatment

About our treatment

What results can you expect from! QMS:

  • Smoother skin
  • Radiating skin
  • More firm skin
  • Tighter jawline
  • Fuller skin
  • Softer skin
  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Reduction of drying lines
  • Smoother skin
  • Finer pores
  • Less redness
  • Better hydration
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How does a wrinkle develop in the skin?
A wrinkle is caused by the breakdown of collagen and by a shortage of moisture. Several factors influence the breakdown of our collagen. A few examples are: long-term exposure to the sun, poor diet, smoking, stress and sleep deprivation. Administering collagen through the skin is therefore necessary.

QMS Medicosmetics is suitable from 28 years
After a month, the skin relief becomes smoother. The first lines disappear after two months. After three to four months the pores are finer, you have fewer wrinkles and a nicer skin surface. Thanks to innovative technologies from all scientific fields, it achieves effects that were previously impossible.

The products of! QMS give back to our skin what it needs
The! QMS MEDICOSMETICS collagen treatments are divided into 3 different phases.

You always start with a phase 1 treatment and after 4 months you can switch to phase 2 and again 4 months later to phase 3. This has to do with the intensity of the treatments.

PHASE 1 : In this phase, fluid balance and skin fat balance are balanced.
PHASE 2 : In this phase we work on the strengthening of the skin.
PHASE 3 : In these phases we will work on perfection such as pigment spots and fine lines.
!QMS OXYGEN: Phase 1, 2 & 3 qms oxygen treatment

! QMS treatments must be carried out correctly in phases, inform you of the possibilities.

Important to know
After you have ended up in the transition as a woman, your skin will no longer form collagen type 1. You can then only add collagen to the skin. So be on time.

The property of collagen is moisture binding. Moisture insertion through our skin is impossible. However, our skin naturally contains moisture. By administering the! QMS collagen to our skin, the collagen will bind 300 times with the moisture that is naturally present in our skin. This gives the skin more volume and looks nicer and fuller.

All QMS products are coordinated to achieve the best result. In the! QMS collagen it is very important to use the cleaning products of! QMS, they do not contain any terminating (occlusive) ingredients. This allows the collagen to penetrate the skin optimally and gives you the best and most beautiful result.

In addition, it is very important to peel the skin daily with the Nextt Exfoliant fruit acid. The fruit acids of! QMS are able to improve the stratum corneum step by step. The concentration of the fruit acids is 10% PH value 3.5, which is optimal and safe for daily cosmetic use. The Nextt Exfoliant Fluid contains Glycolic acid, Acid, Malic and glycoderm-P. The active ingredients are active in the skin for 12 hours thanks to the NEXTT formula. This means that your skin will be provided with anti-aging ingredients for 12 hours every day.

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