PCA retinol peeling at BLOY Institute Amsterdam

The most suitable candidates for this active retinol treatment are people with normal skin and good resistance. 6% Pure Retinol Peel gives dramatic and fast skin rejuvenation. Thanks to additional antioxidants, the skin is protected against damage by free radicals. The skin becomes visibly smoother, clearer and more even.

The treatments

New in the PCA range: 6% Pure Retinol

Does your skin look dull and do you suffer from irregularities? You can now come to us for the new 6% Pure Retinol Peeling from PCA. The treatment consists of 3 X Retinol Peeling treatment in the clinic and you will also receive an Intensive Brightening Treatment for your home. After the third session you are assured of a fresh, younger looking and more even skin!

What is Retinol and what’s in the Peeling:
The PCA Skin Retinol Peeling 6% consists of 6% retinol combined with anti-oxidants from Calendula, Olive, Silybum Marianum and tocopherol, among others. Retinol is a vitamin A and this substance can work wonders for the skin and helps to prevent wrinkles and fade visible wrinkles. Because Retinol is very powerful (and effective), this substance is not available in stores, so it is important to use it only under the supervision of and in consultation with your cosmetic doctor.

For whom is the PCA 6% Pure Retinol Peeling suitable:
The peeling is especially suitable for skin that is affected by pigmentation, smokerskin or sun-damaged skin. The peeling also helps nicely to soften wrinkles and to fade acne scars.

The treatment
The treatment is comfortable and at most can feel a bit prickly. Apart from some redness, you will have little side effects and the skin usually recovers quickly without irritation. After a few days you may experience some problems with peeling, this means that the cell division is set in motion with a new and smoother skin as a result.

The Brightening Treatment
The Brightening Treatment for home is a retinol product for the night that helps to further tighten the skin and improve color differences. In addition, it works immediately as a beautiful anti aging cream.

What should I take into account:
We recommend using SPF products and avoiding exposure to the sun at least 1 week before and 1 week after treatment, in order to prevent discolouration of the skin. In addition, you may not use any other retinol products one week before the treatment.

How many treatments:
For optimal results we recommend a treatment of 3 sessions in combination with the Brightening Treatment for home.

The result
The combination of the peels and the Brightening Treatment for home use will considerably brighten and tighten the color of the skin. Also for those who suffer from dry skin, this peeling is highly recommended because of its moisturizing character. The overall result is a radiant healthy and smooth skin with more volume and an improved skin color. The additional antioxidants also protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals.

PCA Reinol Peeling | BLOY Institute
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