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Chronic sun damage, but also trauma, pregnancy, hormones, scratching the skin or aggressive skin treatments can cause pigment problems. We usually treat pigmentation with our laser treatments. However, in some cases, this treatment is not sufficient to address the pigmentation.

The treatment

ME-line treatment path

For the treatment of ‘difficult pigment’; that is, melasma or pigment that reacts difficult or not responding at all to other therapies, we recommend the ME-line. Melasma is a pigment disorder in which erratic dark brown spots occur (usually in the face).

The ME-line is a 4-month course with which pigment can be drastically reduced. The treatment consists of two mask treatments and a home package. In addition, the treatment is strengthened with microneedling therapy.
A mask treatment will be started in the clinic, after which the treatment will be continued at home from day 3. After 2 weeks you will undergo a microneedling treatment and 2 weeks thereafter again a mask treatment. If necessary, the course is supplemented with an additional microneedling treatment.

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ME-Line behandeling | BLOY Institute Amsterdam

Treatment schedule

Treatment 1: the skin is cleaned and degreased, after which a peeling mask is applied for 15 minutes. In the beginning, this peeling can sting a little. After 15 minutes, the mask is again locally applied to the pigment. Then the mask is removed after 15 minutes with a compress and we apply the moisturizer, a day cream and an SPF. After the treatment you purchase the products for the home treatment (this is mandatory).

Treatment 2: after 2 weeks you come back for the microneedling treatment. The skin is cleaned and degreased, after which a serum is applied via microneedling. This treatment takes half an hour. Then we take care of the skin with a day cream and an SPF.

Treatment 3: again 2 weeks later, a repeat of treatment 1 + you purchase the pigment mask for home use.

Treatment 4: depending on the result so far, treatment 2 can be repeated.

The high-quality ingredients work clarifying and anti-inflammatory on the skin and are designed to strengthen each other and penetrate the skin optimally to reach the right depth. Because of a different composition of the products for dark and light skin, we can also safely treat dark skin types. Because the product is so composed that it can penetrate deep into the skin and soothe the pigment cells, difficult chronic skin problems such as melasma can also be treated safely.

After treatment & side effect

After the therapeutic mask treatment in our clinic, a peeling skin reaction starts. This can take about 5 to 7 days. In some cases, the pigment may first turn darker than before peeling off. During the flaking process the skin is extra sensitive to sunlight and you are not allowed to go in the sun. You also wear an SPF 50+ every day.

The home products contain many anti-oxidants, brightening substances, acids and pigment inhibitors that the skin has to get used to. It is therefore important to slowly build up the treatment course so that the skin can get used to it. The microneedling treatment has no side effects. It is important to always protect the skin well with SPF.

After 1 month you notice about 50% reduction of the pigment spots and the skin condition will be better. After 4 months we can say that the pigment will largely be gone. After the treatment you use a night product to maintain the result and after 8 months the ME-line can be repeated if necessary.

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