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The MAC skin scan is a unique device, the MAC gives a very extensive and objective image of your skin. The MAC skin scan is extremely popular, people come from far and wide for this scan.

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Normally, skin analyzes are performed with the naked eye. Of course we can already determine a lot as skin experts but with the MAC skin scan we go a step further. The MAC skin scan gives a very extensive and objective picture of your skin, also of the deeper layers that we can not see with the naked eye.

  • UV (sun) damage
  • The size of the pores
  • The amount of wrinkles and their depth
  • Pigment damage
  • Moisture content
  • The amount of sebum
  • The elasticity of the skin

How does te MAC skin scan works?
The MAC skin scan makes a picture of your face. Special software makes it possible to display the status of your skin. The MAC skin scan makes a calculation of the number and size of the pores, the depth of the wrinkles, the evenness of the skin and the UV (sun) damage.

In addition, the MAC skin scan uses sensors to measure the moisture, the sebum and the elasticity of the skin. Because the MAC skin scan gives an enlargement of the skin image of up to 50 times, among other things, the structure and the skin lines can be clearly displayed. A tape print of the skin under the microscope is examined, which tests the degree of cornification and the size of the sebaceous glands.

With the MAC skin scan you can be sure that the treatment therapy and products for your skin are the right ones!


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