Fruit acid peeling

Do you want to undergo treatment with an immediate effect without an annoying downtime? Then discover the power of a Pascaud fruit acid peel. This peeling has no downtime and can also be undergone during the summer period. The result is a fresh, smoother skin where fine lines and small imperfections will fade.

The treatment

About our fruit acid peeling treatment

The perfect summer peeling
With a fruit acid peel, old (dead) superficial skin cells are removed. This brings new, young skin cells to the surface. A fruit acid peel stimulates cell renewal and cell renewal is responsible for skin rejuvenation. A fruit acid peel also ensures that nutrients from skin products are better absorbed by the skin after the treatment. A peeling makes the skin structure finer and smoother.

pH of a peel
The pH value of a peel is very important. The lower the pH value of a peel, the deeper the peeling goes into the skin. Also, the peeling is much stronger when the pH value is low, so there is more chance of redness, swelling, irritation and peeling. Our skin has a pH value between 5.5 and 5.8 and everything that comes down there is more acidic for the skin. The more acidic the peeling, the deeper the peeling goes. Our fruit acid peels have a high pH value and these peels are safe and gentle for the skin.

For whom is this treatment suitable
The Pascaud peels are built with AHAs, also known as fruit acids. AHAs are water-soluble so they work on the upper layers of the skin. The peels are suitable for treating dry or sun-damaged skin and give an instant glow to the face.

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How many treatments
For optimal results, we recommend a treatment course of 6 treatments with a 1-2 week break between each treatment. In some cases, a one-time treatment is also advisable depending on the objective.

The result

  • A fresher and smoother skin
  • A finer skin structure
  • Reduced pigmentation
  • Healthy glow

After the treatment
The fruit acid peels basically have no downtime. However, the skin can turn red immediately after the treatment and you can suffer from a very slight scaling. We advise to use a high SPF after the treatment. The treatment is also suitable for the summer period but it is important not to go into the sun immediately after the treatment.

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