Cryo-T Spray

The free trial treatment lets you experience that the Cryo-T spray has a direct rejuvenating and tightening effect, the Cryo-T spray we always recommend in a cure. The number of treatments required depends on the skin image you want to improve, the condition in which the skin is at that moment and how well your body is capable of, or is asked to bring about the improvement.

The treatment

What can you expect from the Cryo-T spray?

  • Strengthen the skin
  • Lift and tighten the face
  • Verstrakken of the jaw line
  • Improvement of facial contours
  • Reducing hamster cheeks
  • Reducing wrinkles on the cheeks
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Reduce fluid accumulation in the face
  • Reduce Acne and Rosacea
  • Reduce redness
  • Reduce inflammation in the face
  • Fast results even after 1 treatment
  • The longer the treatment is undergone, the better and better the skin becomes
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What is local cryotherapy using the Cryo-T spray for?
By using the right individual treatment schedules, our cryo specialist can numb the skin, relax muscles (frown) or tighten, help eliminate inflammation (rosacea, acne, psoriasis), help promote hair growth (hair loss), help fight cellulite and especially the skin of the face and body tighten, without freezing the skin.
The skin cells tell the brain that there is a very sudden and very extreme cold. The brain wants to keep the balance, so the area in question will be brought into the best possible survival state by resetting and normalizing all skin functions.

The cryo-boost signal that the brain receives, the skin is reset, it undergoes an effective detox, it gets an improved oxygen supply and blood flow. This allows the skin, with more cellular energy and better nutrient supply, to function visibly better.

The skin regains its natural tension and elasticity. The underlying musculature of the skin comes back to the correct tension, so that the lethargy and folds in the overlying skin are removed. Cellulite disappears through the direct detox and spongy tissue regains a new bond. Possible manifestations of inflammations such as acne and rosacea problems are being suppressed.

Skin tightening with the Cryo-T spray, how does it work?
Local cryotherapy with the Cryo-T spray is a form of treatment in which the skin is locally cooled in very short time with extremely cold temperatures, with the aim of achieving a certain effect in the skin image. The Cryo-T spray is a great treatment for strengthening the skin. The local cryotherapy is performed using the Cryo-T spray, a safe treatment method with a temperature of -78 ° C, which ensures that the skin cools to 4 ° C or even 0 ° C in seconds. The result is that the skin undergoes a huge detoxification and immediately improves and tightens visibly.

How often should I be treated?
All this takes place in an intensive course of ultra short treatments. You start on Monday and come by for a few minutes three times a week for what is called a reminder treatment. This means that the treatment reminds the body of what it has to do. The duration of the treatments depends on the area to be treated, but varies between 2 and 4 minutes.

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