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Are you looking for the perfect anti-aging treatment? Have your treatments not had the desired effect so far? Through connective tissue massage you get a fresh and young skin again.

The treatment

About the treatment

The connective tissue massage gives the best effect in spa form. As the course progresses, the tissue becomes smoother and the structure of the skin improves. The skin gets better blood circulation and waste products are discharged faster. Usually a cure of 10 to 15 treatments is needed. A cure consists of connective tissue massage once a week for 10 to 15 weeks

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The effects of connective tissue massage

  • Improvement of skin condition
  • Stimulation of the blood circulation of the skin
  • Stress reduction by removing the subcutaneous adhesions
  • Improvement of the absorption of active ingredients
  • New production of collagen
  • Promotion of cell division

How does connective tissue massage work?
Connective tissue massage is a tough treatment, certainly not painless. Yet this is one of our most popular treatments. What is the use of connective tissue massage and can not it hurt? Below the ins and outs of connective tissue massage.
A young, tight and wrinkle-free face consists of good connective tissue from the inside. This connective tissue is full of collagen and elastin. The content of the collagen and elastin is then very high in our connective tissue. During the aging of the skin, less collagen and elastin are produced in the connective tissue. The rack goes out as it were. The skin becomes slacker with the result: wrinkles!

In connective tissue massage the lower layer of the skin, the subcutaneous connective tissue is stimulated. By massaging the stress / adhesions from the skin, the entire area is treated. A connective tissue massage promotes circulation, speeds up the removal of waste products and improves the effectiveness of the muscles. A cosmetic connective tissue massage works cell renewal, the skin looks younger and firmer.

A connective tissue massage is a good way to improve the skin condition. The treatment increases blood flow and activates the metabolism. This massage is suitable as a wrinkle and scar treatment. It is very important that the connective tissue massage is properly applied to the middle and lower skin layer. The deep massage techniques that act on the connective tissue deform the fibroblasts, creating collagen and improving the elasticity in the skin.

* The results shown on our image and video material offer no guarantees and may differ per person.

Connective tissue massage with b and / or Fillers
The connective tissue massage is recommended as a pre-treatment for treatments with b and / or fillers, because it ensures that subcutaneous adhesions are dissolved, making b and / or fillers easier to inject into the skin. After the treatment of b and / or fillers, no connective tissue massage should be done for 2 weeks. After that 2 weeks, fine connective tissue massage can be performed again.

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Question and answer

Frequently asked questions

What is connective tissue?

Connective tissue is similar to the cement between the building blocks of a house. It connects our entire body and supports the organs, joints and muscles. Connective tissue also guides blood vessels and nerves to the organs and protects against infections. The subcutaneous connective tissue insulates heat, stores energy and is responsible for the transport of oxygen, nutrients and waste.

What does connective tissue massage do for the skin?

Connective tissue massage is a deep massage performed on the connective tissue layer with the ultimate goal of improving the skin condition. The blood circulation is stimulated causing the skin to be stimulated to cell renewal and strengthening. Vibrations limit blood circulation and can limit the functioning of the different lower skin layers, these adhesions are released. The metabolism, the production of new collagen and elastin is promoted.

What would I do for a connective tissue massage?

Connective tissue massage is a perfect anti-aging treatment! We also often apply the connective tissue massage as a pre-treatment for cosmetic surgery, passive acne, deviations in the sebum secretion, ‘degeneration’ of the skin, wrinkles and skin folds, hypertrophic, keloid, atrophic and scophic scarring. Connective tissue massage ensures that the skin looks considerably fresher, younger and tighter. With repeated treatments even sustainable structural improvement of the skin can occur.

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