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What is acne and what can I do about the acne?

Acne indicates all kinds of skin conditions that we also call pimples in the vernacular. There are a variety of causes, but in any case it is usually the sebaceous glands that get disrupted in one way or another, become clogged and can start to ignite.

These inflammations are caused by the so-called propionibacterium acne. If the inflammation goes even further, together with infections, then pus is formed and abscesses can develop. Together with acne we often see blackheads, black heads or white heads.

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How does acne develop?
Although many textbooks suggest otherwise (outdated), hundreds of publications now show that food has at least a lot to do with the development of acne. The biggest culprits are lactose (milk), pork, sugars and rancid fats (burnt fats).

This combination of nutrition, together with hormonal changes during adolescence, can significantly strengthen the effect of certain hormones (IGF-1 and DHT), resulting in far too much sebum being produced. These allow the sebaceous glands to clog and thus provide a breeding ground for bacteria.

Those bacteria are always there, but if the sebaceous glands become blocked and the immune system functions less well (due to a surplus of sugars / carbohydrates), an overgrowth with acne results. A lack of sunlight with accompanying vitamin D3 deficiencies can also have a significant impact. In summer, there is much less acne than in the winter.

What does acne have to do with nutrition?
Diet with an insulinotroof effect usually provokes acne. Insulinotrophic means that a lot of insulin is needed to get the blood sugar level in order. Especially grains, carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, sugary food, soft drinks and dairy products are responsible for this problem.

Further causes acne

  • hormonal changes in puberty
  • bacteria (sometimes in combination with fungi)
  • medication such as the pill, IUD and / or other medications
  • stress
  • contact with certain substances such as in cosmetics
Acne | BLOY Institute Amsterdam

Detox acne treatment

At BLOY Institute there are several treatment methods available for reducing acne. Think of various peelings, laser treatments and our popular Detox acne treatment. The Detox acne treatment can be divided into two different facials where one of these treatments contains an extra salicylmask. The specialist assesses whether this is necessary.

PCA specially designed for the acne skin a facial that helps to detoxify the skin. PCA SKIN has been the pioneer in skin improvement for more than 25 years. PCA Skin is a medically oriented care line with the aim to support healthy skin and treat skin conditions such as acne. PCA Skin Professionals are trained to determine which combination of serums with ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, peptide and antioxidants are safe for your skin. Because the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin cells we can treat in a very result-oriented way. The treatment soon restores the skin by detoxifying the skin and softening inflammations. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect refines and refreshes the skin.

The facial specially developed for acne is intensive and effective. Because of the short duration (30 minutes), the facial is easy to schedule with a busy schedule. The following effective products are used during the treatment:

Facial Wash
The gel based on skin-friendly AHAs and Aloë Vera Gel effectively removes make-up and other impurities. The skin becomes supple and the pH value is brought into balance. Cured cells are softened and the skin surface is refined.

Smoothing Toner
Smoothing Toner is an alcohol-free tonic based on milk and citric acid to refine the pores, remove superficial dead skin cells and keep the skin soft and clean. This tonic fits best with normal to fat / inflammatory skin.

Detox gel
This gel detoxifies the skin. The active combination of lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid draws in the pores to effectively clog up congestions, comedones and inflammations. It also has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect and gently removes the dead skin cells.

Calming Balm
Calming Balm provides an extra nourishing and soothing effect during treatment. Calming Balm contains anti-oxidants and superior plant extracts such as bisabolol, allantoin, aloe vera, vitamin E and mushroom extract.

What does acne have to do with nutrition?
Diet with an insulinotroof effect usually provokes acne. Insulinotrophic means that a lot of insulin is needed to get the blood sugar level in order. Especially grains, carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, sugary food, soft drinks and dairy products are responsible for this problem.


  • A deeply cleansed skin
  • Calms the skin and works anti-inflammatory
  • Pores are refined
  • Makes the skin more even

Optional: adding the Therapeutic Salicylic Acid Mask to the treatment. This mask consists of a combination of salicylic acid and cherry extracts that help to improve acne, inflammatory skin and dull matt skin. The peeling, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits refine the skin structure and give the skin a clear and fresh appearance. We recommend to book this mask when there are more persistent inflammations. The mask also helps to reduce small scars.

The treatment can be booked only once but also in a spa treatment for a long-lasting improvement of the skin. With acne-prone skin, we absolutely recommend a cure. Tip: use PCA skin products for optimal results at home. Our specialists will check which products are compatible with the skin.

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