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Skinpen treatment

Do you want to renew your skin in depth, without causing superficial damage and with minimal downtime? Then meet the new SkinPen micro-needling treatment based on Collagen Induction Therapy.

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We create a personal treatment plan based on your skin scan.
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What is the SkinPen?

The SkinPen is a medical micro-needling system. It is also approved for the safe and effective treatment of acne scars. The treatment is suitable for firming and smoothing the skin by stimulating fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin. Fine lines also reduce or disappear and pores refine using the medical micro-needling treatments

How many treatments are needed?

For optimal results, 3 to 6 treatments are required with an interval of 4 weeks.

When will I see results?

You will see improvement after each treatment. About 4 weeks after a SkinPen treatment, the first real skin improvements will be visible. However, the collagen production process and its effects can continue for up to a year.

Does the treatment have a downtime?

Depending on the area treated and the intensity of the treatment, the skin will look a little redder and feel warm / tingly. This feeling will subside after just a few hours. The recovery period depends on the intensity of the treatment. After the treatment you will receive 2 aftercare products to promote recovery. These products are included in the price. The skin therapist will explain to you how to use the products.

After a few days, the skin may flake slightly due to the shedding of dead skin cells. Initially, the new skin may be somewhat lighter in color compared to the untreated skin. Over time, this colors up.

Reimbursements for Skinpen?

Behandelingen voor littekens worden door de meeste zorgverzekeraars (deels) vergoed. Wilt u meer informatie over vergoedingen en wilt u weten of de Skinpen behandeling wordt vergoed? Then view this page or contact your own health insurance company.