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EM tight DUO

EM Tight DUO is the latest innovation from EM Tight. This device combines the technology of EM Tight with Radiofrequency. By simultaneously emitting both radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energies, the end result is more fat reduction, a tighter silhouette, and muscle growth.

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Based on your skin scan, we create a personalized treatment plan.
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Based on your skin scan, we create a personalized treatment plan.
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Our experts are certified estheticians with over 600 hours of training.
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Booking an EM tight DUO treatment?

This short yet intensive treatment is performed in a course and targets the abdomen, buttocks, and arms. During the treatment, you lie on your back or stomach, depending on the area being treated. Once you are lying down, the handpieces are placed on the body using an elastic band. The handpieces deliver electromagnetic energy that causes the muscles to contract. These muscle contractions increase muscle fibers and muscle volume, significantly enlarging muscle mass and reducing body fat percentage. With the EM Tight DUO treatment, radiofrequency is used to heat the muscles, and you will experience warmth in the treatment area.

What does an EM tight DUO treatment look like?

If you want to get rid of excess fat and increase your muscle mass without too much effort, then the EM tight treatment is the solution for you. You can now book this treatment through the website. Prefer to get more information about the treatment first? Please contact us by phone.

What are the side effects of an EM tight DUO treatment?

The sensation of the treatment can be compared to an intense workout but is not painful. Additionally, you do not sweat, unlike during a regular workout at the gym. Another advantage of the EM tight treatment is that there is no recovery time after the treatment, and muscle soreness is minimal or non-existent.