EM tight

EM tight: the treatment to gain muscle mass and tone your body. This is a quite new, yet very effective treatment to gain more muscle mass and decrease your body fat percentage. Would you like to know more about the EM tight treatment? Read more below.

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The treatment

How does the EM tight work?

EM tight is the way to burn fat and build muscle. During the treatment, the muscle tissue and the fat cells are treated intensively. During a regular workout session, only 20 to 30 percent of all muscles are active. During this treatment, almost 100% of all muscles are activated. The EM tight ensures the maximum amount of muscle contractions that cannot be achieved during a workout. Even though the machine builds muscle mass and burns fat, the skin remains unaffected. After the treatment(s), you can expect to see a more toned, firmer stomach, and/or firmer buttocks as well as an increase in muscle mass.

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What does an EM tight treatment look like?

This short but intensive treatment should be booked in a package form and encompasses various treatment zones; the stomach, the buttocks, and the arms. During the treatment, you will lie on your back or stomach, depending on the treated area. Once you lie down, the handpieces will be placed on the body by means of an elastic band. The handpieces create electromagnetic energy, which makes the muscles contract. The muscle contractions result in an increase of muscle fibre and muscle volume, whereby the muscle mass tremendously increases and the body fat percentage declines.

Side effects

What are the side effects of an EM tight treatment?

The feeling of a treatment can be compared to an intensive workout, and it is painless. You do not transpire, unlike a regular workout session in the gym. Another benefit of the EM tight treatment is that there is no downtime after the treatment and that you experience little to no muscle pain.

The result

What is the result of the EM tight treatment?

This treatment is very popular because the results appear almost instantly after the treatment. To achieve optimal results, it is advised to go for a minimum of four treatments, spread across a period of 2 to 3 weeks. After the last treatment, you will be able to see a more toned and firmer stomach and/or firmer buttocks, as well as more developed muscles in the treated area. Beneath the skin, you will experience changes too. You will notice that working out is easier as your core has gained more strength.

For who?

For who is this treatment suitable?

The treatment is suitable for both men and women who would like to have a flatter, more toned stomach and/or firmer buttocks.

The EM tight treatment is not suitable when:

  • You have a pacemaker;
  • You are pregnant or are breastfeeding;
  • You have a copper IUD;
  • You have metal implants;
  • You have a BMI larger than 25 (the treatment is ineffective);
  • You have a stomach fat fold of more than 5 centimeter;
  • You suffer from a connective tissue- of muscle condition;
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Would you like to get rid of excess fat and increase your muscle mass without putting in too much effort? The EM tight treatment is the solution! You can book this treatment via our website. Would you rather inquire more information on the treatment? Do not hesitate to call and contact us.

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