What is camouflage therapy?

Camouflage therapy is a form of skin therapy that is used to camouflage various skin conditions. Certain skin conditions, such as color differences or vascular disorders, can create insecurities. Camouflage therapy is a great solution. During this treatment, camouflage products are applied to the skin. At BLOY, we use the camouflaging products of Oxygenetix. The oxygen-infused foundation of Oxygenetix diminishes the appearance of skin conditions, diminishes swelling, camouflages color differences, and creates a fresh appearance.

Is camouflage therapy suitable for me?

Camouflage therapy can be applied to the following skin concerns: 

— acne and acne scars
vascular disorders
— rosacea
— pigmentation spots
— fine lines
— capillaries
— freckles

Do you have one or several of the above-mentioned skin concerns and are you interested in what camouflage therapy can do for you? Make an appointment for a free skin scan at BLOY Institute. 

Treatment with camouflage therapy

Before you schedule an appointment for the camouflage therapy treatment, a personalized treatment plan will be set up for you during the free skin scan. During the skin scan, our skin specialist will determine if camouflage therapy is the most suitable treatment for your skin concerns.  When determined that this treatment is suitable for your skin concerns, a camouflage gel that matches your skin color will be chosen. Next, the camouflage gel will be applied to the skin, which will diminish the visibility of your skin condition. Benefits of the recovery-promoting foundation are:

— a waterproof foundation that does not give off;
— a hypoallergenic foundation that is irritation free;

— an SPF 25 that doubles as a foundation; 

Are you interested in camouflage therapy at BLOY Institute? Feel free to contact us or make an appointment.

Book your camouflage therapy at BLOY Institute

Are you wondering if camouflage therapy can reduce the visibility of your skin concerns? Make an appointment for the free skin scan at BLOY Institute! Would you like to book the camouflage therapy directly? Click here. Do you still have questions about camouflage therapy? Feel free to contact us!

Reimbursement camouflage therapy

Some treatments are partly or fully covered by certain health care providers. Contact your health care provider to find out if your treatment is eligible for reimbursement.

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What is the age of my skin?

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