About PCA Skin

The mission of PCA Skin, formerly known as Physicians Choice Arizona, is to support healthy skin and treat skin concerns such as acne, impurities, and aging skin. PCA Skin is internationally renowned for solving skin concerns with its luxurious, effective peelings.

The products of PCA Skin and the treatments of PCA Skin receive a lot of attention in the American media outlets, with fans like Oprah Winfrey and US Vogue. At the moment, the brand is capturing the Netherlands too.

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PCA Skin product development

PCA Skin combines health, beauty, and science by developing effective and unique formulas that are targeted to improve the quality of the skin. The products of PCA Skin are not tested on animals, and all products are held against the strict industry standards before being sold and used by the public. The products contain different active components such as retinol, vitamins, and acids that stimulate skin improvement from within.

For who is PCA Skin suitable?

PCA Skin has developed both peelings and at-home skincare products, these complement each other. The treatments and products are adapted to various skin concerns such as aging skin, acne scarring, and dull skin. Each skin is different and that means that each skin needs different skincare products. Would you like to know which treatments and/or products are suitable for your skin? Make an appointment for a free skin scan.

PCA Skin treatment at BLOY

The PCA Retinol Peeling, which you can book at BLOY Institute, is suitable for aging skin and/or sun-damaged skin with or without impurities such as acne, scarring, and fine lines. The treatment consists of a very powerful and very effective peeling, which is perfectly executed by one of our skin specialists. In addition, you will receive an Intensive Brightening Treatment for home usage. The result of this treatment is smoother skin and a younger appearance within one week. Are you curious about the PCA Retinol peeling? Make your appointment here.

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What we do



Face treatments

Under the leadership of skin specialist Lindsay van der Looij, the highly trained skin experts from BLOY Institute carry out specialist, result-oriented treatments. Our skin specialists have a lot of knowledge regarding the skin and manage many specializations.

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Body treatments

A wide range of body-enhancing treatments are performed at BLOY Institute. The treatments have become popular in a short time, you can rest assured that all treatments are performed at the highest level.

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You can go to BLOY Institute for injectable treatments. BLOY Institute has entered into a partnership with the very prominent Clinic 28 under the direction of one of the most renowned cosmetic doctors in the Netherlands, Drs. Fred T.M. Tjan.

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