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Lyma’s Laser and Supplements: The Secret Weapon of Celebrities Worldwide!

By mei 16, 2024No Comments

Despite having years of experience in the beauty industry, I continue to develop myself every day. The market is constantly evolving, so I never consider myself fully learned. One brand I discovered not too long ago is LYMA, and I’ve become a fan! In this blog, I’d like to share more about the LYMA laser, supplements, and the LYMA facials at Bloy.

LYMA’s Supplements

LYMA also offers a line of supplements designed to strengthen the body and mind. These supplements contain 9 ingredients such as turmeric extract and Prebiotic Beta-Glucans. As prescribed, I take these supplements twice a day. After using them for the first 30 days, I became a true fan and now incorporate them into my routine regularly. I highly recommend trying these supplements to people in my circle.




LYMA Laser

The LYMA laser is highly favored among celebrities and skin experts in America, which piqued my curiosity. The LYMA laser addresses various skin concerns and is truly versatile. It targets fine lines, imperfections, and skin texture. Seeing the LYMA laser being used on and by celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Emma Stone the LYMA laser blew up. After experiencing the laser myself and seeing the results I’m a fan.


LYMA at Bloy Institute

Since November 2023, we’ve been selling the LYMA laser and supplements at Bloy Institute. As the first in Amsterdam, I’m thrilled to offer this exclusivity to my clients. For intensive results, I highly recommend using the laser daily. Additionally, at Bloy, you can book a facial with the LYMA laser, which has quickly become popular. These facials are offered in combination with Labareau. The laser enhances the effectiveness of Labareau products. The ladies at Bloy ensure a relaxing experience, and I highly recommend it.